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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Nirinan the Beautiful

ARTIST: Canyon Greene
PRICE: $500.00

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Title: Nirinan the Beautiful
Mediums: Watercolor
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $500.00
Tags: Fantasy, Illustration, Nude, Paintings


“There she lay adorned with gold, her soul entombed in stone. A queen so strong and kind she was, beloved in times of old.

She had a fear, the come of night, and rising of the sun. For time was quick and age approached, there was no place to run.

How far she fell to keep her soul upon familiar earth. She killed the young, the old as well, to trade death for rebirth.

In solitude and beauty she now cries for days that were. One day she’ll pray, denied she’ll be, for hell to welcome her.”


“The Fall of Queen Nirinan the Beautiful.”

This painting is approximately 11"x14" and comes in a plastic sleeve with a backing board.