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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Spirit animal talking stick/wand/scepter

ARTIST: Linda Ehrenfried
PRICE: $150.00

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Additional Images:

front view bear/deer talking stick


Title: Spirit animal talking stick/wand/scepter
Mediums: Mixed Media, , Clay, , Acrylic
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $150.00
Tags: Animals, Fantasy, Sculpture


This is a mixed media talking stick. If you are familiar with talking sticks they are how you keep a large group of people from all talking at once. The only person allowed to speak is the one holding the talking stick. This was the root section of a small tree that was growing between two fence so the roots grew out to the sides only. Then we pulled the tree 4 years ago I knew this section had potential so I put it in the garage to dry for a few years as it was a live tree at the time. When it was ready I began sanding the piece and the bear face and the deer face appeared to me and I knew what it wanted to be. I offer this as a wonderful functional piece of art for your home or as a gift for a friend or other family member. It will hang on the wall for easy display or storage of it can lay on a shelf as shown. The piece is 16" long. My pieces are never the same as nature dictates there general shape and nurture them into the being what my potential that my imagines sees in them.