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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Shadow box diarama - He's back...Hide!

ARTIST: Linda Ehrenfried
PRICE: $100.00

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Title: Shadow box diarama - He's back...Hide!
Mediums: Mixed Media, , Clay, , Sculpture
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $100.00
Tags: Dragons, Fantasy, Mythology, Sculpture


The pieces is called, "He's back, hide!" It is a fun little scene with two faries hiding to avoid being seen by the rather huge dragon who is peeking through their window. The items inside the box are hand sculpted using polymer clay and are permanently attached to the box including the fake back wall that is separating the room form the perceived outside.  There will be a transparent pastic cover to keep dust out that I left removable for pictures to avoid glare. This shadowbox diarama is made to hang on the wall of sit. I love having fun with my art. Sometimes I get an idea for something in my head and I have to make it happen. This is one of those. I hope you enjoy it also.