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Commission Request for James Herrmann

James Herrmann's Commission Information:

A commission is a sculpture or a work of art created at the specific request of an institution or entity of some kind. I am happy to discuss any ideas you might have about commissioning a particular sculpture or sculptures. We can communicate in person, via email or text, whichever you prefer.

Items that are discussed in the process of commissioning an artwork include but are no means limited to the following:
  • the idea or concept for the artwork
  • the location for the installation of the artwork including questions like will it be a public or private installation and will it be located inside or out
  • the size of the proposed artwork
  • the budget for the artwork
  • the timeline for the artwork
If the client would like to move forward with the commissioning of an artwork, we then discuss and agree to a payment schedule. Typically payment for the commission consists of two payments, the first payment to start the sculpting of the artwork and the second when the artwork is complete. Personal check, credit card or payment through PayPal are all acceptable methods of payment.
A written contract that is agreeable to both myself as the artist and the client is signed before work is started or payment requested.

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